Never give up. Believe you will achieve what it is you seek.


Let go of limiting beliefs. When you arrive at your goal you'll realize you would have gotten there sooner, had you not held on to those limiting beliefs for so long.

-Steve G

(Video) My 90 Day Goal Explained


Here is the video I shot for my blog post  on 10-28-2013.  After a few editing and upload challenges Here it is.  

Here is my goal written out and which I read daily and nightly:

Its Tuesday morning January 28, 2014 and as I awake my daughter is already up and giving me kisses and hugs.  I walk out into the living room and the sound of brewing coffee is in the air.  From the smell of it my wife is brewing her favorite decaffeinated coffee (the one thats swiss water filtered).  I look at my son and he's cooing happily trying to grasp at the toys on the play mat. 

I head on over to the laptop and log into my email account.  I instantly see a couple of emails form the Dave's notifying me I signed up a couple new team members.  They say get two a day and I've been getting pretty good at it lately.  I click through my program details and as I'm totaling them up, I feel a surge of adrenaline course through me.  I look at the total and I yell "I Did it!"

My wife walks over with my cup of coffee and I bolt up from the table startling her and almost spilling the coffee and say to her "I did it".  "I hit my goal of $4,400 of income".  I hug her and kiss her then go over and hug and kiss my kids.  My wife is beaming and I tell her "get use to it Boo, we're going to start having many more months like this one.  It just gets better from here".

Here's the short "The Secret" version I say to myself throughout the day:

I am so happy and grateful now that I have achieved my goal of $4,400 by Jan 28th, 2014.

Short and simple.

Thanks for reading.  Leave me your comments they are always appreciated.  Also feel free to share your goals below.

-Steve G


PS- Join me in the 4400 club.  Get the detail by clicking here.


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Happy Halloween


These are my two Trick o Treat-ers. Hehe Happy Halloween.

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